A Summoner's Pilgrimage
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Hi there!

I'm Numbers, and this is a liveblogging account for Final Fantasy X. Expect to see a great deal of over-analysing and screen capping. This is also a place for FFX discussion, so if you have anything to say, agree or disagree, bring it up!

Thank you for your time.
Trivia note: those weird golden balls with the honeycomb shapes are based on the original blitzball 3D model, as you can see from this early concept art: finalfantasy.wikia.com/…

That’s right! I believe someone reblogged me and mentioned it here.  

I love finding little things like this. They must have meant for the bar to seem way, way more blitzball based than it turned out looking, and didn’t bother remoddling it afterwards (or thought it looked cool anyway.) 

AhhHH eyyew 

  1. auronlu said: *facepalm* you know, I probably LEARNED THAT from your February post and had already forgotten where I’d first seen it. My brain is a sieve. I’m older than Auron now, and it’s showing. Just give me a Maechen hat and stick me in the corner. :D
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