A Summoner's Pilgrimage
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I'm Numbers, and this is a liveblogging account for Final Fantasy X. Expect to see a great deal of over-analysing and screen capping. This is also a place for FFX discussion, so if you have anything to say, agree or disagree, bring it up!

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You know, I’m not entirely sure - but are those pyreflies spining around Lulu before she casts magic? 

It would make sense if magic was cast by using pyreflies. Pyreflies, after all, are everywhere in the atmosphere. It is only when they are highly concentrated that they all come together and can be seen - this is also why blitzers can breathe under water, by the way, pyreflies are particularly attracted to water. 

Pyreflies make up the material body of aeons, and in a sense seem to be a kind of energy. Lulu is (possibly) manipulating the dead to her purpose, which is kind of interesting. 

To give a little more evidence to this idea - Seymour and Yunalesca are both incredible and renowned summoners (and thus very talented in pyrefly manipulation) - and both seem to favor black magic. Yuna, too, naturally has very high magic (making her a powerhouse when you give her some black magic spells.) 

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    I agree with everything said. Except for blitzes don’t breathe underwater. They hold their breath.
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    i LOVE this analysis, the idea of using pyreflies as the energy source for casting spells is beautiful (the idea of...
  8. laughingpinecone said: …I could have sworn this was canon. Or since everything else that looks like magic (summoning, walking on water etc etc) IS confirmed to be pyreflies manipulation, it’s a very sensible deduction, methinks?
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